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Bill DeLuca IV
Vice President
(978) 373-7700

Billy is a 3rd generation car dealer, following in the foot steps of his father and grandfather.

He has an open door policy and takes great pride in his families reputation for Excellence in customer service.
Nobody beats a DeLuca deal!

Aman Rahmani
Sales Manager Chevrolet Buick GMC
(978) 373-7700 Ext 104

Aman has been with us for a few years now and no one works harder to give our customers a great experience!

Mike Moore
Commercial Truck Manager
9783737700 ext 122

Mike has over 40 years of experience in the truck business and no one in the area knows more about commercial trucks than Mike!

Call Mike if you want a great price, great service, and the right truck for the job you need.

Jim O'Neill
Pre-Owned Vehicle Manager
(978) 373-7700 ext 120

Jim has over 35 years of experience in the car business and was a wonderful addition to our team a few years ago!

He personally inspects every trade and purchase vehicle we sell to make sure it meets Bill DeLuca's standards.


Sales Department

John Jacques
Sales Consultant
978-373-7700 ext 208

Anthony Signorelli
Sales Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 112

Hugo Palacin
Sales Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 207

Jose Pena
Sales Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 111

Brandon Dion
Sales Consultant
978-373-7700 ext 204

Ali Ismail
Sales Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 123

Ext 123

Donald Ethier
Sales Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 110

Ext 110



Alan Colarusso
Finance & Insurance Director
978-373-7700 ext 202

Alan has 20 years of experience in the car business and was a great addition to our team a few years ago.

If you have credit trouble no worries Alan will help you. If you are a A tier he will get you the best terms possible and your paper work will be perfect.

Shawn Reming
Business Manager
(978) 373-7700


Service Department

Reggie Miller
Service Manager
(978) 373-7700 ext 220

Ext 220

Bill Dascoli
Service Advisor
978-373-7700 ext 223

Robert Cusato
Service Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 222

Don Croteau
Warranty Administrator
978-373-77-- ext 221


Parts Department

Ryan Peixoto
Parts Manager
(978) 373-7700 ext 230

Corey Downey
Parts Consultant
(978) 373-7700 ext 231


Body Shop

Paul Ouellette
Body Shop Manager
(978) 475-6200 ext 452

Paul has been in the auto body business over 35 years and he knows how to get the job done right!

He will fight the insurance company for all the proper repairs to make your vehicle whole again.


Customer Care

Kevin Bihl
Customer Service Manager
978-373-7700 ext 105

With over 40 years of service in the car business, and all of it right here with the DeLuca Family!
Kevin is here to help, so please reach out to him with any questions or concerns and he will be happy to help.

Victoria Legier
Customer Service Representative
978-373-7700 ext 106

Aimee Mottram
Customer Service Representative
978-373-7700 ext 114